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button on sparc or powerpc? yep what's wrong here? DarthFrog, MonkeyDust: Enabling todays' daily builds of Ubuntu through automatic updates from the distribution for amd64 and i386, include ;-) the following packages have been kept back: firefox lightning-flash fonts-cantarell gconf-2.0 thunderbird-gnome-support linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic linux-libc-dev what's wrong with it? elisa87: Are you using the daily build? I am using the new version of Ubuntu I am installing it on my laptop it is ok if I install daily build version in some case? elisa87: The release date of 11.10 is Oct. 17th. Today's daily build (16th) is intended for people to test and report problems, etc. ok I was asking I just want to understand it better elisa87: And it's too early for you to be using a daily build. The.iso from the 16th is fine to install on your machine. ok I will try tomorrow elisa87: If you use a daily build, and something goes wrong with it, you have to reinstall. ok I understand it elisa87: That's how we find bugs. It's a pain, but we get the stability, etc. that comes with it. DArthFrog called the ops in #ubuntu (banana) cfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (banana) :) Can I change my nickname now? to cutir you mean? elisa87: sure elisa87: any time. thanks no




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