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That September Feeling

Well, I officially have that feeling that I am ready for Autumn! And, no, it is not because of PSLs :) It has been a great summer! For those of you that have not visited Findlay Market in downtown Cincinnati, what a gift to our region. I have had the pleasure of having an outdoor booth for most weekends this summer and it has been a great experience. Thank you to all that have visited me and I hope to see you (and everyone else) again soon!

For those of you who do not know, I operated an Earthganics storefront in Historic Milford, Ohio. I found that I did not receive a sustainable walk-in business to sustain the rent. It was one of the best decisions I have made in this journey to re-focus my efforts. Findlay Market has been a large part of that. Not only have I not had to worry about finding various craft shows every weekend, but the visitors that Findlay attracts are much of my target market.

Thanks for reading and supporting Earthganics. I hope to see all of you soon!

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