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We call this #MadeForYou deodorant. As seen on Cincy Lifestyle here. We’ll create a deodorant specific to your needs and chemistry. Choose from the options below for your base dedorant, and we’ll contact you within 24 hours of your purchase to discuss specific oil blends to add to the base.


Extra Strength Formula: Contains maximum baking soda to balance your armpit’s natural pH to prevent the growth of bacteria which causes body odor.


Sensitive Formula: Contains organic arrowroot powder and NO baking soda. Includes organic raw shea butter to create a smoother application.


Blended Formula: Contains a combination of Extra Strength and Sensitive formulas. Contains less baking soda with the addition of shea butter to create a silky application.


Magnesium: Most people are low on magnesium. Skin absorption is the ultimate way to consume it. It helps balance the armpit’s natural pH, too.


Active Charcoal:  In deodorant form, it is able to absorb 1000x its weight in moisture. Active charcoal soaks up toxins and improves intestinal health through a process called adsorption, which binds with the moisture rather than absorbing it. It helps you detox while you sweat, and pulls out toxins that linger around your armpit and lymph node area.


Customized Deodorant

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