At Earthganics, we are doing something special! Everyone’s chemistry is different, everyone’s needs are different, so why limit your deodorant options to what is only available on the shelves?! #MadeForYou Deodorant is one of a kind! As seen on Cincy Lifestyle! See the video here.


Choose you options below. We will contact you to discuss a specific oil blends, we are just hoping to narrow the choices from our invnetory of oils.


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Extra Strength Formula - This formula contains the most Baking Soda to balance your armpit’s pH so it doesn’t create the bacteria which causes the body odor.
Sensitive Formula - This formula only contains Organic Arrowroot Powder which is perfect for the skin that is allergic to Baking Soda. It also contains Organic Raw Shea Butter creating a smoother application.
Blended Formula - This formula is a happy blend of Extra Strength and Sensitive. It has less Baking Soda and contains Shea Butter making it smooth.

Magnesium - Skin absorption is the ultimate way for your body to get a mineral supplement of something most everyone lacks. Also helps to balance the armpit's pH.
Active Charcoal - When this ingredient is in a deodorant form, it is able to absorb 1000x its weight in moisture. Active charcoal also soaks up toxins and improves intestinal health through a process called adsorption, which process is to bind rather than absorb. will help you detox while you sweat. It will help pulls toxins out that can be lingering around your armpit and lymphnode area.

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